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Green Commercials

Welcome to the Green Advertising Law Website. This page takes a look at some examples of interesting and effective "green" advertising campaigns. These examples demonstrate how advertisers and their advertising agencies are using the green theme to market their products and services. Keep in mind, however, that, as with all advertising, your green advertisements must comply with all advertising laws, rules and regulations. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently proposed revisions to the guidance that it gives marketers to help them avoid making misleading environmental claims. The proposed changes are designed to update the Guides and make them easier for companies to understand and use. For more information about FTC's proposed revision of its Green Guides, click here.

The first example of a green television commercial is a car commercial from Chevrolet and is part of the Chevy environmental campaign for Live Earth. This ad states that, "Finally the environment and your daily commute have something they can agree on." The 30-second spot ends with the line, "Do More. Use Less."

Another older green commercial of note is Bosch's so-called "Deer spot". This commercial shows a deer wandering towards an ultra-quiet Bosch Nexxt(R) Washer in a forest. This commercial claims that Bosch washers are not only "the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They're also the quietest."

Another Bosch commercial also utilizes the green theme - this time to advertise its dishwasher. In Bosch's "Owl spot", this advertiser uses an Eagle Owl - the quietest bird in flight - to again make its point: that Bosch dishwashers are not only "the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They're also the quietest".

Another very creative offering is a colorfully animated and environmentally oriented commercial from Honda for its diesel engines:

For more examples of environmental commercials, click here.

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